Skinny, Yeah.. Not So Much

Here’s the thing about being skinny. I haven’t been for a long time. Not so long that I don’t remember fondly of what it was like, but long enough to forget what clothes sliding effortlessly on, feels like. I never used to think about if I ate this or drank that where it would go.… Continue reading Skinny, Yeah.. Not So Much

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These Old Bones

It was time for bed. I felt the sharp, burning pain throughout my back that has been all too familiar for too many years counting, as I tried my best to get into a position that didn’t make me feel like I was being crushed underneath a ton of bricks. Each one excruciatingly more uncomfortable… Continue reading These Old Bones


Computers: The Devil’s Etch-A-Sketch

My new computer is crashing. Yes I know, I spent ten years in IT repairing and building computers and yes I could very well fix mine. But who asked ya?! The thing about being in IT for so long is once you decide to leave the field it is frequently once you’ve reached a point… Continue reading Computers: The Devil’s Etch-A-Sketch


Death Remained

The old woman begrudgingly laid in her bed Unbridled pain in her body from her disease Impatiently watching as time flew by Regrets swirling like tumble weeds She asked Death why it hadn’t taken her yet Death didn’t answer with a verbal reply As she pitied herself for where she was heading Scenes of her duplicity… Continue reading Death Remained


Beauty Comes with a Price

Beauty comes with a price. So I’ve now learned. I have thin lips. That’s right, I said it. When all of the girls were putting on ten pounds of red lipstick and leaving kisses all over the bathroom mirrors in high school, I was applying Carmex to mine and leaving the restroom post haste. My… Continue reading Beauty Comes with a Price


A Weekend to Remember

It all started with a trip to Texas Friday night that felt so much longer than it should have been. For some reason the highway getting there and back, once entering Texas is always a mess of construction. I don’t know if it’s that the construction workers are all too busy watching one guy dig… Continue reading A Weekend to Remember


Mother’s Day

With the impending Mother’s Day coming up, I decided to write a post about Moms. I always feel a little corny though writing about this, because I am a mom and it feels like I’m bragging. Being a mother is probably the only job that we feel guilty when talking about. We face the glazed… Continue reading Mother’s Day


Japper Jaws

I have always been connected to words. Though I have pretty much been able to speak my opinions since the day I was born, I have never really been able to vocalize my feelings. Opinions and emotions are two totally separate worlds. My opinions are based on logic, but my emotions are a heart thing.… Continue reading Japper Jaws