About The Writer

img_0717My name is Elizabeth Ann Balli. I am a Mother, Wife, Poet and Writer. Being a parent of a toddler and a teenager alone lends for excessive amounts of off-the-wall moments to write about!mama_girls1 Then throw in a husband, crazy family and loads of funny childhood memories and it’s time to start a blog!  I have been writing Poetry, short essays and stories since young pre-teen years. In starting a blog, my goal was to write through the grief I was struggling heavily with from the loss of a child, and broken relationships. To somehow give my solidarity to those who share in similar experiences and the battle with the emotions therein. In doing so, the lessons that laid lurking as golden nuggets located dead center within my experiences, began to reveal themselves and the process of mending started. Sharing my stories became  cathartic. A healing of wounds as well as a giant magnifying glass highlighting the countless blessings that have come from both the good and the bad. In using this outlet, it freed me up to writing about my own odd and humorous experiences with my kids, husband and family. I hope that you enjoy what you read as much as I enjoy writing it!!